Welcome to CHAT TRIVIA!

Chat trivia is a fun online game where you play trivia against other players in a chat room! You can play anytime, day or night. The way it works, the moderator asks a question. Then everyone trys to type in the answer as fast as they can! Whoever gets it first wins a point. This game is lots of fun: in the old days I used to run a BBS with "Thursday Night Trivia" in the chat room. It was one of the most popular features!

Scoring: your score is the number of questions you get right X the total number of players in the game. E.g. if there are 5 players in the game, and you get 3 questions right, your score is 15. If you're playing ALONE, you get 1 point per question.

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Cash prizes for a Trivia Contest

We used to have a special Thursday Night Trivia game every Thursday from 8:30 PM to 10:00 PM EST, which had a $20 cash prize. But I wasn't able to get enough interest in that. If you'd be interested in setting up a contest with a cash prize (e.g. you can get, say, 10 people or so to come and play the game), email me at craigh01@gmail.com and maybe we can get it going again!

Improvements to the program!

I've been working on chat trivia for a while, but there is still lots of room for improvement. If you have suggestions to improve the site, or you run into problems on Chat Trivia please email me here: craigh01@gmail.com I'm very interested in any suggestions you may have to improve the game, or the chatting experience. For example, things like private messages, highlighting certain kinds of text, etc.

Moderated Trivia Games

Would you be interested in being the moderator of a trivia game? We have the ability to have moderated trivia games. These are run by a moderator, who is in control of the game. He or she may have a specific trivia category in mind, or it may be just general triva. The "normal" chat trivia runs via an automated program on the server. But in moderated games, the moderator controls the questions. He can select the category, and he can add his own questions, or he can preview questions that are pulled from the server until he finds one he likes. For more information on running your own trivia game, click here: Trivia Moderator Information

To request to be a moderator, please send an email to craigh01@gmail.com