Chat Trivia Moderator Information

This page gives you information on how to be a moderator on

When being a moderator, the "auto-bot" can still run the game, OR, you can just type in the questions you want to ask. It's up to you!

There are a lot of things that the moderator can do that normal players can't. Some of these things are available now, and some are "in the works". I'm working on adding the moderator functionality as we speak! So here are some of the things:


I am working on a "scheduler", so that your moderated games can be put into the schedule (say, every Wednesday night at 7:00 PM EST). That way potential moderators can look for an available open slot.

One thing: you are not allowed to WIN the game! You CAN participate in playing the game, but you can't win. There is no system to automatically enforce that rule, so we are just going on the honor system. Also, if you happen to be correctly answering a bunch of questions in a row, you should slow down to give the real players a chance. Of course, you can only participate if you are letting the auto-bot select the questions. If you are typing in your own questions, obviously, you know the answer, so you wouldn't be allowed to answer those.

That's about it for those people that may be interested in running a trivia game. If interested, please email me at

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